What Are You Chasing

By Jesse Burnett

All throughout life, we have been told to chase after our dreams and to constantly look forward to the next thing. We were told that growing up meant looking forward to graduating high school and moving onto college, to a marriage, purchasing your first house, landing a job, finding your dream job, and then getting to an age where you have acquired enough money to finally retire. Once you have achieved one of those major life goals, there might be a brief moment of pure bliss, but after you have reached that life goal, you automatically look towards the next and you do not enjoy that moment that you are in.

Sharie King taught me before at a summer camp that “Growing up isn’t about an age or a place, it is about becoming.” That does not mean that we have to stop striving to be someone, you have to continually work on yourself to become the person that God wants you to be. That is the thing that you should be chasing, not college, or your dream job, or a marriage, or retirement.

Your life is compiled of circumstances or situations that can either make you have really good days or really bad days, but if you are frustrated with the obstacles of your life, then you need to get down on your knees and ask God for help to start creating a house out of the things that you are frustrated with.

This is what I mean by building a house. Imagine that all the obstacles in your life that frustrate you are bricks that are all thrown in a single space and there is no room for movement or progress. Each brick can resemble something specific. For example, for me a brick would be that I do not agree that I look the way that God has intended for me to look, or that I feel alone because I no longer have friends within walking distance of me, or the jealousy I get from seeing someone who seems to have their Christian walk all figured out. Those are just a couple of bricks that I have to deal with, but there are also so much more. When I get down on my knees and I ask God to help me to take those bricks and make something beautiful out of them, then I can continue to strive to be the woman that God wants me to be. I can focus on serving others more than trying to put my life back in order.

There might be some obstacles in your life that you aren’t sure that just kneeling and asking God will be enough and you get frustrated that you are not hearing from Him, but in those moments, you have to ask yourself, are you looking in the right places to hear His voice? One of the easiest places to search is in the bible because all the words in that book, were spoken by God through people that were on earth.

You cannot find your own value through the things that are in your life, because if you do, then you will just be frustrated with yourself because you cannot give yourself grace, nor can others give you the grace that you need. Only God can give us the grace we need because God pours out new grace to us every day. So, take those moments where you get frustrated with the obstacles in your life and look to God to give you grace to work through it.

So, I challenge you to look into your life, at all the bricks in your life that are all messily piled in front of you, and see what you are chasing. If you are chasing the things of this world, then you will never feel satisfied with this life, but if you strive to become the person that God wants you to be then you will be see your true value.


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