Give me a W….Give me an E….Give me an A…Give me a K….What does that spell?!

By Erin Sands

It’s hard being a woman these days. We live in a generation of perfection. Pinterest helps with beautiful decor, delicious meals, and cute outfits. Side note…Do you know you can type in outfit for game night and it gives you ideas?!? Amazing. Facebook gives us an avenue to highlight the perfect things we did or how #blessed our lives are. Instagram allows us to receive praise for arranging our food pretty on a plate or showcasing how wonderful everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is. Now don’t get the wrong idea. I am a big fan of all 3 of those forms of social media! Pinterest has saved my life a time or three million. I love posting thoughts and ideas on Facebook and Instagram. So this isn’t a post where I am going to tell you how bad those are. But what I am going to tell you is how rotten the human heart is.

Your heart, like mine, is focused on self. We want people to think we have it all together. We convince ourselves that we have it all together or at least that we are doing the best we can. We make much of the little great while trying to bury the parts of us that are messy and ugly to the eye.

We want to make much of us. That is our first mistake. Our lives are not given to us to highlight the impressive feats we accomplish. We want people to praise us and honor us and find value in the things we say and do. We want people to like us. This life isn’t and never should be about us. Our lives were bought with a price and are given to us with the sole purpose of glorifying God and making Him famous. Everything we say and do should point to One. The One. The only One.

Once we start to recognize and submit to the fact that our lives are meant to glorify God then we can quit making mistake number 2…boasting in the things we do well and hiding those that aren’t.  We, as people with faulty hearts, think that we should only showcase the great things we do. However the Bible says in 2 Corinthians 11:30 that “if I must boast, I will boast in the things that show my weakness.” How often do we sit down to post the 32 ounces of cereal our 2 year old defiantly poured on the floor? Or the days, plural, that we don’t take a shower or fix ourselves because we are busy pouring ourselves into others? How about the moments where we are completely depleted needing the Lord to fill us to overflowing so we can continue with our marching orders? No friends. We never highlight those moments because we don’t want to be seen as weak, or dependent, or needy.

But sisters I am here to tell you that real women of the Lord are weak. They are dependent. They are needy. And not only do they recognize themselves to be this way…they spotlight it. We can say, because of our hope in the Lord and our belief that His word is true, that we boast and delight in the things that make us weak.

For me personally the Lord has been preaching this to my heart over and over again for the last 7 months. And when I read this verse again last week, He was sweetly reminding me of it again because y’all my life…let me just tell you a little about it. I am a full time working, pastor’s wife and a momma to 4 kids. So from the get go I am needy for some Jesus. A whole lot of Jesus actually. And I think sometimes people question our sanity with the decisions that we make. One decision we made that is about to come to fruition is hosting an international student. My husband Josh and I felt the Lord asking us to open our home to a 14 year old Chinese student who will be studying at our school the next 4 years. We said yes adding more CRAZY to our life that already causes eye rolling and staring. One day driving home from Charlotte I told Josh, you know people think that we are crazy for allowing Zoe to live in our home. They think we already have enough chaos why in the world would we want to add more. But I felt the Lord saying to me, Zoe will make you desperate for me. Having 5 kids will cause you to need me like never before and that is why I want you to say yes. So come August 8, I’ll be leaning into Jesus even more. I will be pressing in so close to Him you may not be able to see where He ends and I begin. And that’s ok because I was made to need Him. To be desperate for Him and who He is. And I’m not only going to lean into Him but I want to boast about how crazy things are to spotlight how only He can bring the peace to stay sane in the madness. How only Jesus can bring comfort to my anxious heart. To boast, I have to trust Him enough to show the world my messy, unorganized, weak, needy self completely reliant on Him.

Gals, I’m here to tell you this won’t be easy. Nothing of God’s kingdom is, but it does bring freedom and Life! The first couple of times you verbally tell someone I am a mess and I can’t do this, BUT with Jesus I know I can do all things, you might cry ugly tears. You will be broken and my friends that IS beautiful. In those moments Jesus is able to shine girl, like never before! You will become vulnerable yet relatable. You will become a safe place where others can experience freedom in not being enough, helping them see that with Jesus they have all they need. So to all of my Jesus loving sisters out there, let’s stop boasting in ourselves and our accomplishments. Let’s take a deep breath, grab our big girl panties, and ask the Lord to show us where we can boast in our weakness to make much of Him. And let’s watch how the Lord becomes more precious to us as we find His strength to always be enough.


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