Stream of Consciousness: Coffee Shop Thoughts

By Beth Winze


I have no idea what’s good here….the cute barista might have a recommendation.

Just kidding, he told me “Anything is good.”

Ummm….ummmm…ummm… many choices.  Anxiety is not my friend right now.

There’s a line.  I bet they all know what they want.

French Toast Latte?  Why not?

$6.76!!!!  I thought Starbucks was bad.

That was a 16 oz….why that much?

If I made 21 cups of coffee in my Keurig I could have paid it off at that price.

I just did math.  Why?

Here’s a seat….

I’m going to sit in the middle so I am equal distance from the strangers on either side of me.

Business man….should be quiet so I can study

Couple on a date.  Cool.

*sips coffee* 


They’re on a blind date.  A setup.


Wait….they keep mentioning a common friend.  They were set up. 

I have no time for homework now.  I must listen.  They might teach me a thing or two about blind dates.

Should I make an EHarmony profile?

He bought her coffee.  They say chivalry is dead.  

They are talking so rapidly.  I’m uncomfortable.  

They look cute together.  

She just graduated college and he works at the Fire Department.  

I think Nicolas Sparks set them up.  

Oh no…..she just brought up her ex.  WHY? Sweetheart no.

He laughed it off.

This businessman can not get his Adobe to work.  I’m sorry sir.  I usually struggle with that program too.

No.  Don’t call the help line, you won’t understand them.  I tried.  

Call Geek Squad. 


Jk……his pastry fell apart on the table.  

She keeps talking rapidly.  Kind of like the thoughts in my brain right now. 

Is that the introvert in me cringing this hard, or is it really this awkward. 

He brought up the time he got wasted.  Oooooo…..I would back out of that teritory quickly Sir. 

She’s getting quiet.  

You did it.  

Did she say that sounds like her?

Okay maybe they will work out.

Am I an extra in a Nicolas Sparks movie?

He shot a bear?

Why is she impressed?  HE KILLED  BEAR.

This coffee was worth the $6.76.  

Or was it….I’m just so addicted to coffee I might just pay anything.

Is this a gateway drug to my future life of caffeine addictions?

*phone buzzes*

Not now my Friend, I’m so deep undercover I can’t talk.

She’s grabbing her purse.  The universal signal she’s done.

She saved face and tied it up nicely.

I actually think they are cute together.

You’d have cute babies.  

He’s taking her coffee cup to the trash. 

You go Sir!  

I (mentally) told you to call Geek Squad and not the help line.  Please stop raising your voice, Mr. Business.

Wow….my computer screen is filthy.  

She asked where he is parked….is she going to walk him to his car?  

21st-century dating.

I think this might be the script for an EHarmony commercial. 

My coffee’s gone…..

Bye adorable couple. I hope this turns into something!  

I wonder if they know what a fan of their blossoming relationship they have created in me.  


How much does EHarmony cost a month?   


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