Apology Letter to Myself

By Beth Winze

Dear Me,

I’ve wanted to say this for awhile now, but you know how horrible I am with apologies. But I love you, and love means making things right when they’ve been wrong for so long.

I’m sorry for all the times I cried in the mirror, thoroughly upset with myself over my “deficiencies”.  When I looked and allowed what the Vanity magazine on the counter next to me displayed to define my worth.

I’m sorry for when I limited you from your full potential. I should not have ever tried to force down what was supposed to grow into a passion, and it’s my fault that it took so long for those things to grow.

I’m sorry for all the times that you let boys break your heart. I knew they weren’t worth your time and would only cause you pain, but I let them get to you anyway.

I’m sorry for the times when I let you think that the only way to escape pain was through ending your life. I know better now and I know how wrong those thoughts were.

I’m sorry for when I allowed others around you to affect your self-esteem. Those girls and boys didn’t define your worth.

But most of all, I’m sorry for taking so long to write this letter. You’ve turned into an amazing individual who is driven and determined and successful. You are beautiful and so, so valuable. I was wrong. You were none of those things that I thought you were.  I severely stunted your growth by letting the world speak to you. I love you more than you can imagine and find joy that you proved me wrong and re-defined yourself regardless of what I did to prevent it.



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