Mutually Understood Situations in College

By Beth Winze

Regardless of what university you may attend, college students relate to each other across different campuses.  Whether it’s an Ivy League school or a community college, all of us are in the similar boat that seems to be caught between the waves of sleep deprivation and planning your schedule for the next semester.  Mutually understood situations are what brings us together and unites us as a collegiate front.  It’s the common thread that ties us together, and in recent weeks, I recognize more and more of my habits are not as uncommon as one would think.  It’s moments at the dinner table where “You do that too?!” bring us together.  So here are situations that I have run into over my experience in college and how not so uncommon they really are.

  1. Falling asleep on the school’s transit system, because you have the chance to sit still and not do anything for the next fifteen minutes back to your dorm
  2. Skipping a class so you can work on homework for that said class
  3. Ordering a double shot from Starbucks with an extra shot of espresso
  4. Adjusting your internal clock so that 9pm is actually only 4pm in the afternoon
  5. Walking out of a test, having tears in your eyes, and someone just silently passes you a tissue
  6. Reading an email addressed to your professor to your roommate because you want to make sure you don’t sound 100% desperate for extra credit
  7. Calculating the minimum grade you have to get on your exams to pass the rest of the class
  8. Getting frustrated when someone tells you that your schedule isn’t miserable at all and you should “see theirs”.
  9. Counting the amount of outfits you have left in your wardrobe and figuring how many more days you can avoid doing laundry
  10. Closing your eyes when you sneeze and accidentally falling asleep
  11. Getting excited to go to Goodwill, because you’re freezing cold for proper clothing and a trip home is several weeks away
  12. Avoiding people who you know will question what your future goals are after graduation
  13. Dividing the time you have left in a class into small chunks to make it more manageable
  14. Feeling behind when the friends that didn’t go to college are getting married and having babies and the only thing you are worried about raising is your GPA
  15. Praying at the dinner table for your GPA to pull through, your professors to cancel class tomorrow, and your mind to calm down enough for at least six hours of sleep
  16. Finishing your homework but still feeling as if there is a massive pile lurking somewhere
  17. Setting life goals for yourself that consist of a job someday that at least pays you $300 a month, because that’s rich compared to you now
  18. Desiring to be 21 so you can go out with your older friends, but also desperately wanting to be 6 again
  19. Stressing about the stress you will get in the near future
  20. Counting how many hours of sleep you will get before setting your alarm
  21. Questioning your life decisions at least 3x a day
  22. Constantly worrying about something being due that you may have forgotten about
  23. Writing an essay so last minute that if it was sent to a 3D printer, it would come out a piece of crap
  24. Feeling rich if more than $5 is in your bank account
  25. Ignoring the fact that you are taking out thousands of dollars in loans every year in hopes that they will go away
  26. Walking into class with sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt and feeling like you tried
  27. Feeling extremely sleep deprived when you don’t get in your daily nap
  28. The feeling that Tuesday is just a second Monday
  29. Justifying your procrastination

Because in the end, majority of us make it through.  But at least these situations allow us to bond and connect in a way most adults can’t.


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