What College Really Is – Not Your Stereotypical Image

By Beth Winze

1. Loads of homework that make you question if a professor is really trying to help you complete your major or if he is trying to see how many due dates it takes for you to forget one.

2. 12 page research papers on topics that have less information then your 12 pages of “research”.

3. Learning the distinguished use of superbly sophisticated adjectives that land you at the proper word count.

4. Random (not well thought out) adventures that give you 70 likes on Instagram instead of your average 30.

5. Movie marathons with girlfriends involving Patrick Dempsey’s more then enticing acting skills, because your hormonal and chocolate ice cream doesn’t suffice, so a rom com comes into play.

6. Awkward butt grazes because the shoebox you live in severely restricts functional and full range movement.

7. Homework breaks involving dramatic retellings of “not-so-dramatic” situations.

8. Friends that aren’t afraid to fold their laundry on your floor because they have been exiled from their room.

9. Making up a new language that only you and your friends can understand.

10. Learning gargantuan words that are ridiculous at the time, but come in handy when trying to talk to your parents about adult responsibilities.

11. Discovering that your passions lie in all sorts of areas you would never think of. College literally leaves no major unturned.

12. Netflix binging at 3 in the morning because Leslie Knope (Parks and Rec) seems to have better advice then your professors at times.

13. Learning very quickly how to subtract the current time from your alarm time and figuring out how long of a nap you will need to make up sleep.

14. Having competitions as to how many cups of coffee you can drink before your heart completely gives out (I kid Mother).

15. Finding out it takes 3 cups of coffee to keep you wired like a psychotic squirrel for the rest of the day.

16. Having coffee rings on every physical piece of your paper…because coffee is the only thing that keeps you awake during a two-hour lecture.

17. Questioning everything you thought you did right in your life.

18. Having horrible moments of pining for your family because if they were here they would totally understand.

19. Realizing just how lacking the cafeteria food is compared to your mother’s cooking.

20. Going out at wee hours of the morning to restaurants, because they are there, and you think you might have some hunger pains, but it could also be the nerves for that speech tomorrow.

21. Listening to club songs, because that’s the only chance you have of turning up and your homework needs to see those dance skills.

22. Spontaneously crying when you see the amount of pages you have to read in Bio.

23. Desiring someone to just pay for your food, because those dollar signs are smaller.

24. Spending an hour in your Eno so you can remind yourself that there is a thing called the outdoors.

25. Making lists because it keeps everything extremely organized….and dashes count as a character in papers.

And finally……..

26. Brainstorming terrible ideas on ways to keep money in your bank account so you can come back the next year and live the exact same crazy lifestyle no one but us collegiates understand because in retrospect, this kind of life is really what you love.



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