Sufficiency in All

By Beth Winze

Different situations in life cause me to adopt diverse phrases that I throw out there to encourage myself. This summer it was “All things work together for the good of those who love Him.” Right now, it is “God is sufficient in ALL things.” I have thrown the last phrase around at least twice a day in mutters under my breath meant for others but instead preached to myself. Sufficient is a beautiful way to describe God, but it’s easy to use descriptions without knowing the full extent of their meanings.

A little Webster enlightenment:

suf·fi·cient – enough; adequate.

I realized that I don’t actually ponder just how sufficient Christ is for me. It’s head knowledge that my heart doesn’t recognize which in turn forces an undesirable attitude of trust towards God. He is enough. He is adequate. He is sufficient.

I have had to submit my ways and turn my full trust to God so many times this semester already — more than I have ever in my life. Early this morning (12 am) Western Carolina opened class registration for this spring. Four of my friends and I gathered together panicky and high strung waiting for the clock to turn to 12. I, having recently switched majors, needed to get into a class that would allow me to take other English classes. Without this class, I would not be able to take any other major classes that would allow me to graduate on time. So you can understand the nerves that I had balled in my stomach from 11:30 -11:59 last night. Every second that chipped away towards the 12am minute was an increased heart rate. So, hyped up on three cups of coffee (downed within 15 minutes), I pushed enter and prayed profusely that I would get at least that one class that would determine graduating on time.

And then the clock turned 12…(sounds like a dramatic re-telling of a fairytale at this point)



Hit enter again


Enter again


And in the fourth attempt, the shouting around me was muted and it was God right there. All I heard was “I am sufficient.” With sufficiency comes trust. And every time I pushed enter button was a moment that I was trusting a system and not The System. I prayed that in that moment if this was what God really desired for me, that He would show Himself sufficient.

Truly living for Christ every day requires a daily sacrifice of self and a total turn over to God trusting that He will be sufficient in all. It is this kind of living that causes people to become radically changed. We need to find our competence in Christ, not in ourselves.


2 Corinthians 3:5 – “Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves; but our sufficiency [is] of God;”

When I surrendered my enter button and the past few weeks to God, He became sufficient. I had been taking away his adequateness by trying to make myself adequate. I am not enough. I am not adequate. But He is. And that’s all I need to trust Him.



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